In an effort to conserve our resources, Baylor University has implemented a campus-wide recycling program.

  • Our recycling program consist of paper, plastic bottles and other plastics graded #1-#7, aluminum, and glass. (We cannot recycle styrofoam!)
  • Baylor Renew recycling containers are in areas across campus.
  • ​Baylor Renew will accept any kind of paper with the exception of CARBON PAPER. You may combine all types of paper, plastic, and aluminum in the same recycling box (cardboard, colored paper, newspaper, white paper, computer paper, etc.).

  • Housekeeping will empty the boxes and containers as necessary to keep them from overflowing and then transport the contents to a recycling dumpster.
  • Standard sized staples and paper clips are allowed.
  • Glass is only accepted in approved containers around campus.
  • To request a recycling pickup or for questions concerning recycling, contact the Hospitality Hub at 1361 or contact Baylor University Sustainability Coordinator Smith Getterman at 3768.

For more information about Baylor Renew, please visit Baylor Sustainability.