Baylor strives to operate its systems so that energy is not expended to heat spaces above 72° or to cool them below 74° during occupied times. To achieve this sustainability goal, the following temperature ranges result:

• 68° to 72°– during the heating season

• 74° to 78° – during the cooling season

Since the campus buildings vary in size, design, age and condition, some variance from target temperatures can be expected. If temperatures fall out of this range, it should be reported to the Hospitality Hub.

Normal building environmental system "occupied" hours are Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. If any space is to be occupied other than these hours, additional services must be requested through the Hospitality Hub by Baylor authorized personnel. Please schedule the hours you will actually be present. Facility Services will provide appropriate lead times.

Baylor's long-standing commitment to the prudent and best use of utilities has saved and will continue to save valuable natural resources and dollars for Baylor's top priorities.

Baylor University has established a commitment to natural resource sustainability and management which has saved and can save more valuable and natural resources. You are an integral partner!