Baylor University has laid the foundation for the Baylor Energy Program over the course of the past twelve years. In 2004, Baylor built a substation that saves in electricity costs and improves reliability. Baylor Facility Services has also integrated energy management with the operations program in order to diagnose and correct system issues to improve energy efficiency. This new management system includes a preventative maintenance program along with upgraded lighting and HVAC systems.

After implementing these initiatives, the next logical step was to engage faculty, staff and students through an outreach, training and awareness initiative to ensure that the entire campus supports a more responsible environmental lifestyle. So in 2010, Baylor began to develop and implement a ground-breaking energy engagement program for the campus to continue to improve energy efficiency by leading faculty, staff, students and community in a learning and awareness initiative.

In 2014, the Baylor Energy Program embarked on an ambitious journey to help save Baylor $1 million in energy a year over the next ten years. This is being accomplished through retro commissioning of campus buildings and improved operational efficiencies, while engaging the campus population in responsible choices.

The Baylor Energy Program is committed to energy and water conservation.  In order to ensure ultimate success, an energy and sustainability management program must be understood by and have the commitment of the entire campus community. Outreach, awareness, training initiatives and faculty, staff and student involvement are critical to the success of the program. The program:

  • Encourages the Baylor Campus Community to be an integral part of energy conservation.
  • Educates students, faculty and staff on how to reduce energy during their day-to-day activities on campus.
  • Identifies the environmental impact when energy-saving measures are implemented.
  • Develops a cultural change throughout campus that we are all stewards of the environment.