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Baylor Facility Services is seeking a proactive approach to provide vision and leadership in response to environmental stewardship for the Baylor community. In an effort to become more sustainable and embrace our social responsibility, we are actively engaging in the following initiatives:

Waste Reduction
  • All facilities recycle cardboard, plastics, office paper, printer cartridges and electronic equipment
  • Contribute to Baylor's RecycleMania competition
Water Conservation
  • Employees are trained to conserve water when washing dishware
Energy Conservation
  • Baylor Facility Services sponsors Baylor Energy Madness, a competition encouraging students living on campus to conserve energy where they can
  • Office and work area lights are turned off when not in use for more than two hours and electronic equipment is turned off when not in use for more than four hours
  • All kitchen appliances are ENERGYSTAR certified, where applicable
Additional Highlights
  • The floors of all dining halls are cleaned with electrically-activated tap water, which kills germs without harsh chemicals
  • Green Seal certified cleaning products are used to clean other areas of the dining facilities