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Baylor University has engaged ARAMARK Higher Education to provide facility management services at Baylor since 2000. We want to acquaint you with the services available through Baylor Facility Services (BFS) and to assist you in obtaining them. The mission of Baylor Facility Services is to operate and enhance the physical assets of the Baylor Campus while providing a quality environment that will encourage academic excellence within a Christian framework.

Our organization includes more than 300 workers skilled in mechanical and building trades, grounds, housekeeping and general services. Their efforts are coordinated through the Hospitality Hub and directed by our management staff.

The department provides quality, timely and cost effective service to the Baylor Community based on the following principles:

  • All Community members will be treated fairly, with respect, and courtesy.
  • The Hospitality Hub will serve as an advocate for the community.
  • The Department's activities will seek to reallocate resources from daily service to planned maintenance and to conserve energy.
  • Projects will be designed and executed to the highest possible standards.
We encourage and welcome your comments and suggestions so that we can more effectively meet your needs.