Baylor Facility Services is located at 1919 S. 1st. Street (corner of Daughtrey and S. 1st Street)

Mailing Address
One Bear Place #97094
Waco, TX 76798-7094

Shipping Address
1919 S. 1st Street
Waco, TX 76706

Phone Numbers
Phone No: (254)710-1361
Fax No: (254)710-3299

E-mail Address:

O&M Managers
Joel Burnias, Resident District Manager - Facilities
Tonya Gray, Innovative Operations
Gary Emmons, Facility Operations
Don Fearing, Commissioning
Kenneth Haltom, Senior Energy Manager
Shane Howard, Facilities IT
Scott Jones, Academic Zone and Fleet
Michael Heroux, MEP
Mike Landolt, BEC and Retro Commissioning
Shannon Marburger, EHS
Brandon Martin, CL&L Zone, Signage, and Kitchen
Frank Nevarez, Athletics Zone, Auxilliary, Roofing, and Painting
Clare Paul, Marketing - Facilities and Energy
Jack Reardon, Director of Operations - Facilities
Kyle McElroy, Customer Relations

Grounds Managers
Andy Trimble, Director of Campus Grounds
Mandie Johnson,Grounds

Custodial Managers
Shawn Reynolds, Custodial AM
Daris Keith, Custodial Operations
Brian Foitek, Custodial PM
Alex Alvarez, Custodial PM
Rose Provost, Director of Custodial

Joel Amick
Arthur Cervantez
Blake Chapman
Allen Charanza
Nick Cisneros
Lorena De Leon
Ben Diaz
Jeremy Duren
Joshua Gibson
Danny Hanford
Jeffrey Houghlin
Darrel Jefferson
Robert Little
Darrel McCaig
Jeremy Oliver
Fabian Garcia
Edward Ramos, Jr.
Kent Ringo
James Rodgers
Jimmy Salinas
Kent Schmalriede
Eric Serrato
Terry Thompson
Hank VanDewateringen
Hector Vazquez
John Warren
David Williams
Cody Finley

Support Personnel
Deanna Cox 
Marina Dimas
Allenson Hayden 
Craig Horn 
Betty Martin
Michael Martin
Lesley Nielsen
Nikki Odermann
Michelle Raborn
Carrie Rodriguez
Azar Szanto